H3R Aviation | ultimate source of fire protection
  • Model NB500 - Extreme Duty
    Quick release bracket for 5.0" diameter fire extinguishers

    Typical use: Cockpit/Cabin/Cargo Bay
    NB500 quick release nylon bracket

    Speed is critical when deploying a fire extinguisher. Count on our new Extreme Duty quick release fire extinguisher brackets to allow fast action while withstanding rigorous use. Ideal for aviation, terrestrial and marine applications.

    Tough, Functional & Lightweight
    • Fire extinguisher quickly releases from bracket
    • Fiberglass reinforced nylon construction and corrosion resistant hardware
    • Designed to meet MIL SPEC 810G (test in progress)
    • Tested to withstand inertial loads in excess of 27G in all directions
    • Fire extinguisher cannot be accidently disengaged from bracket
    • Fits H3R Aviation fire extinguishers with 5.0" diameter cylinders (B369 & B371)
    • "Pull to Release" flag enhances visibility
    • Does not obscure fire extinguisher nameplate
    • Weighs a scant 16 oz, nearly 3 lb. lighter than bracket model 809!