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    FM-200 FM02T FM-200 FM05T FM-200 FM10T

    Halon-alternative FM-200® (HFC-227ea) fire extinguishers offer environmentally responsible fire fighting performance.

    Just like Halon 1211, FM-200® attacks fire without leaving a messy residue. It effectively extinguishes Class B and C fires by cooling and smothering and it will not conduct electricity back to the operator.

    H3R Aviation offers three FM-200® fire extinguishers. The 5B:C Model FM05T meets the minimum performance standards in report DOT/FAA/AR-01/37 and is ideal for commercial aviation.

    The 2B:C rated Model FM02T is appropriate for small, 1-4 seat aircraft*.

    The 10.75 lb. model FM10T is our largest hand-portable FM-200® fire extinguisher.

    These rechargeable extinguishers have pressure gauges and require a 6-year maintenance and a 12-year hydrostatic test.

    • Rugged all metal valve construction
    • DOT cylinders
    • Tested to ANSI/UL 711 and ANSI/UL 2129
    • Zero ozone depletion potential
    • Residue-free, will not corrode or contaminate equipment
    • No electrostatic shock to damage avionics
    • Will not conduct electricity back to the operator
    *Note: It is the operator's responsibility to ensure that an aviation product meets any airworthiness or other requirements of the FAA and/or other authorities having jurisdiction.