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  • July 6, 2009

    FAA Approves H3R Aviation Halotron® 1 Fire Extinguishers

    (Larkspur, CA) - H3R Aviation, Inc., makers of Halon and Halon-alternative portable fire extinguishers, announced that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has tested and approved two additional Halotron® 1 fire extinguishers for on-board aircraft use. The 11 lb. model 397 and 15.5 lb. model 398 join the 5.5 lb. model B394TS to complete the company's line-up of FAA approved Halotron® 1 clean agent fire extinguishers.

    The FAA performed a series of tests intended to simulate the types of fires encountered on-board aircraft. Testing was performed in compliance with DOT/FAA/AR-01/37 (Development of a Minimum Performance Standard for Hand-Held Fire Extinguishers as a Replacement for Halon 1211 on Civilian Transport Category Aircraft). This standard specifies a minimum 5-B:C UL rating, as well as passing the seat fire toxicity test and the hidden fire test (measuring total flooding capability).

    "With the approval of the larger 1A:10B:C and 2A:10B:C-rated models 397 and 398 often used on the flight line, airlines now have Halon-alternative portable fire extinguisher options for nearly every on-board application, from cockpit to cargo bay." said Chris Dieter, vice president, marketing and distribution, H3R Aviation, Inc. "Like our wheeled flight line model 674, these models offer maximum visibility during discharge, no electrostatic or thermal shock to damage avionics, no electrical conductivity back to the operator and they require no clean-up when discharged."

    Halotron® 1 is the most widely tested and accepted Halon 1211-alternative agent for streaming applications. It is used in Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) vehicles at more than 100 commercial airports worldwide.

    H3R Aviation fire extinguishers are available from all major aviation parts suppliers. For more information, phone (800) 249-4289 or visit www.H3RAviation.com. H3R Aviation is a member of the H3R group of companies which also includes H3R Clean Agents and H3R Performance.


    About H3R Aviation

    H3R Aviation, Inc., a member of the H3R group of companies, offers the general aviation and commercial aviation markets high quality, UL Listed Halon and Halotron® 1 fire extinguishers for the cockpit/cabin, cargo bay and flightline/ramp. The H3R group of companies includes: H3R Aviation, H3R Performance, Inc., the automotive aftermarket's premium supplier of high quality, USA-made, UL Listed fire extinguishers under the MaxOut™ and HalGuard™ brands, and H3R Clean Agents, a major buyer, seller and recycler of clean agents to the fire protection industry. With 14 years of expertise in Halon and Halon-alternative applications across multiple industries, and an ongoing commitment to the development of clean agent fire extinguishers, H3R Aviation offers the best in aviation-specific fire extinguishers.

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    Chris Dieter
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