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  • June 1, 2007

    New H3R Aviation website is a great resource for pilots, FBOs and OEMs

    (Larkspur, CA) - H3R Aviation, makers of Halon and Halon alternative portable fire extinguishers, has unveiled a new website at www.H3RAviation.com. The site is source of comprehensive information for pilots, FBOs and OEMs. It includes information on how to choose the right aviation fire extinguisher, a listing of aviation fire extinguisher regulations, issues regarding inspection and maintenance and other important resources.

    "Although the FAA recommends Halon fire extinguishers for commercial aircraft, there is substantial confusion in both the commercial and general aviation markets regarding fire extinguishers," said Stephen Berg, president, H3R Aviation. "The FAQ section of our new website provides answers on key issues, such as the importance of avoiding dry chemical extinguishers around aircraft. The Products section clearly explains the features and benefits of each of the 18 extinguishers in our line-up - which we believe is the largest selection in the industry."

    H3R Aviation fire extinguishers contain the clean agents, Halon or Halotron™, and therefore do not damage avionics, obscure vision or conduct electricity back to the operator. All are available through the company's worldwide network of distributors. For the convenience of distributors, a download section is available with company logos, images and brochures. Engineered drawings are also available on the website.

    For more information on H3R Aviation fire extinguishers, phone 800-249-4289, or visit www.H3RAviation.com.

    About H3R Aviation

    H3R Aviation, Inc., a member of the H3R group of companies, offers the general aviation and commercial aviation markets high quality, UL Listed Halon and Halotron fire extinguishers for the cockpit/cabin, cargo bay and flightline/ramp. The H3R group of companies includes: H3R Aviation, H3R Performance, Inc., the automotive aftermarket's premium supplier of high quality, USA-made, UL Listed fire extinguishers under the MaxOut™ and HalGuard™ brands, and H3R Clean Agents, a major buyer, seller and recycler of clean agents to the fire protection industry. With more than 12 years of expertise in Halon and Halon-alternative applications across multiple industries, and an ongoing commitment to the development of clean agent fire extinguishers, H3R Aviation offers the best in aviation-specific fire extinguishers.

    For Further Product Information, Contact:

    Chris Dieter
    Vice President, Marketing & Distribution
    H3R Aviation, Inc.

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