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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I purchase an H3R Aviation fire extinguisher?

    H3R Aviation fire extinguishers are available worldwide through our distributor partners. To find a distributor, click here to contact us.

    Can H3R Aviation trace the manufacture date of a fire extinguisher?

    The year of manufacture is noted on the label of every H3R Aviation fire extinguisher. In addition, each order ships with a Certificate of Conformance that outlines production dates and production batch numbers, and since each fire extinguisher bears a unique serial number, we can even trace this information without the COC.

    Where can I get an H3R Aviation fire extinguisher recharged?

    H3R Aviation does not recharge fire extinguishers. Check your phone book for a fire service company or FAA repair station in your area and ask if they service Halon fire extinguishers. If the extinguisher is on an aircraft that flies under an FAR that requires a fire extinguisher, the FAA repair station will need to issue an 8130-3.

    Costs associated with recharging an extinguisher vary. It is a good idea to double-check the price to recharge the extinguisher versus the price to purchase a new unit.

    Note: Non-gauged extinguishers cannot be recharged.